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Individuality is a trend in all areas of our lives. Diversity is the order of the day instead of standard solutions. Also in every detail of our living spaces.

A decisive element is the joint. Its color has an enormous influence on the effect of the tile covering and the overall room design.

With PCI joint solutions, you can find the right joint color for any living space – whether to match or contrast with the tiling or other colors in the room, in line with your taste.

PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor, for example, offers maximum design creativity. The joint grout is available in hundreds of colors - the right joint for every tile, the desired design for every living space. This grout color spectrum is unique on the market - like the digital color measurement device PCI Colorcatch Nano with which the right grout color can be visualized quickly and easily.


Joint colors - harmonized with the tiled covering - give a room a calm, homogeneous effect.

A slight divergence of tones between the joint and the tile gives the surface structure and makes it more lively. Strongly contrasting joint colors emphasize or reduce the emphasis on the character of the tile.

Experience the effect of different grout colors on tiled floors. The same tiles – but an entirely different effect with different joint colors.


We compare joint colors with herbs and spices. Why? Professional chefs create harmony and surprising tastes by skillfully combining ingredients and matching the finest nuances with herbs and spices. Just like herbs and spices determine the taste of a meal, the color of the joints impacts on the design of the flooring and the entire room.

Make full use of the possibilities available with PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor. And find the right joint color for any tile in the world.