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PCI Durapox Premium. Easy to process.

The epoxy resin mortar PCI Durapox Premium has the smooth application behavior of a cementitious joint grout.

  • Easy laying and washing with one hand
  • Washing without residual film using PCI Durapox Finish
  • Available in 17 brilliant colors for individual designs

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PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor. Joints just in line with your taste.

Find the right grout color for every tile and let your covering have a calming or vivid effect - according to your taste.

  • Maximum design creativity with around 400 grout colors
  • Variety of colors for individual designs
  • Brilliant colors and homogeneous surface

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PCI Silcofug Multicolor. Elastic sealant with Multicolor color range.

PCI Silcofug Multicolor is available in each of the colors in the PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor range, ensuring matching colors and a harmonious overall effect.

  • Easy sealing of corner, movement and perimeter joints
  • Prevents fungal and mold growth on the sealant
  • Acid curing – in around 400 colors

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PCI Durapox Premium Harmony. Glass mosaics and joints with harmonized colors.

The "invisible" epoxy resin mortar - developed especially for grouting multi-colored glass mosaics on walls and floors.

  • Ideal for bonding and grouting multi-colored glass mosaics
  • Harmonious color progression – assumes the color of the surrounding glass mosaics
  • Water-impermeable, resists staining and dirt (chemical-resistant)

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PCI Nanofug Premium. True beauty at its most universal.

The variable, flexible joint grout PCI Nanofug Premium is a real all-rounder - for all tiles and all natural stones.

  • Fine surface finish and brilliant coloring for grouted joints with very high optical requirements
  • Available in 28 different colors
  • Easy-to-clean effect and resistant to acidic household cleaners and cleaning agents

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PCI Nanofug. Aesthetic in any environment.

The variable flexible joint mortar PCI Nanofug is a real all-rounder with high visual standards. But it really is unbeatable when it comes to non-vitrified tiles.

  • Good workability
  • Water and dirt repellent surface
  • Very easy to clean thanks to the easy-to-clean effect

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PCI Premium Glitter. Exclusive effects for exclusive design.

The metallic glitter enhances and underscores the character of the joint with further design effects.

  • For mixing with all color versions of PCI cementitious and epoxy resin joint grouts.
  • Glitter colors in gold, copper and silver
  • With coarse and fine consistencies

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