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How long are your delivery times?

Depending on the order volume and the number of orders received, you should expect a delivery time of a few days. If you have a major project, you are recommended to contact PCI in advance.

What is the minimum ordering quantity for PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor?

The minimum ordering quantity is 1 pail, i.e. 2 kg.

Is the silicone sealant also available in the color required?

Of course,PCI Silcofug Multicolor silicone sealant is also available in the color required.

What is the minimum ordering quantity for PCI Silcofug Multicolor?

The minimum ordering quantity is 1 carton, i.e. 6 cartridges.

What is your pricing system?

Bulk prices are available depending on the size of the order. In other words, different prices are shown for order quantities from 1-5 containers, 6-10 containers and from 11 containers. The goods are shipped to the required destination. A one-off carriage charge is made for each delivery.

Are deliveries coupled to other PCI orders or are the products delivered separately?

PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor is delivered separately and is not combined with other PCI deliveries.

What is the PCI MULTICOLOR app?

The PCI MULTICOLOR app works with iOS and Android and can be downloaded to an Apple or Android-based device.

How can the PCI MULTICOLOR app help me?

The PCI MULTICOLOR app can help you with advice and with finding the right joint for your tile. Using the PCI Colorcatch Nano together with the PCI MULTICOLOR app, you can find the same color or identify harmonizing colors.

What is the PCI color sampler?

The PCI color sampler shows all the possible colors that can be produced using PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor.

What is PCI Colorcatch Nano?

PCI Colorcatch Nano is a high-resolution camera that can detect the slightest color nuances on the surface of the tile right down to the last pixel. Using PCI MULTICOLOR, you can then select an appropriate joint color for your tile.

How does PCI Colorcatch Nano work?

To find out more about the mode of operation and use of PCI Colorcatch Nano, take a look at the explanatory video here.

Why does PCI Colorcatch Nano have a cable connection to the tablet or smart phone?

The large data volumes generated by the high-resolution camera can only be transmitted to the tablet or smart phone rapidly and reliably via a cable connection. A Bluetooth connection would not be adequate and would lead to transmission errors.

PCI Premium Glitter

PCI Premium Glitter can be used both with cementitious joint materials such as PCI Nanofug Premium and with epoxy resin joint grouts such as PCI Durapox Premium or PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor. In line with your personal taste, the metal glitter, which is available in copper, gold or silver and in fine or coarse consistencies, gives a room an exclusive, impressive design.

How can I order PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor?

You can order PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor in your individual joint color quickly and easily via your specialist dealer (see dealer search).

Can I return goods which I have ordered individually?

No, goods which have been produced in response to individual orders cannot be returned. We trust that you will understand the situation.


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