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PCI Colorcatch Nano. Professional, individual advice.

PCI Colorcatch Nano, the digital color measurement device visualizes matching color harmonies in a matter of seconds. The tool precisely measures the color of smooth, structured or patterned surfaces and lays the foundation for harmonious results.

The large selection of hundreds of joint colors of PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor opens up completely new design possibilities - and offers the certainty of finding exactly the right color: tone-on-tone, vivid or contrasting.

PCI Colorcatch Nano:

  • Boosts your personal advice skills
  • Your door opener for new customer segments
  • Easy and quick to use in connection with the PCI MULTICOLOR app

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PCI MULTICOLOR app. Find the right grout color with just one click.

PCI Colorcatch Nano functions easily and quickly in combination with the PCI MULTICOLOR app for IOS and Android. The right color selection at the push of a button, the order with a click: color selected, project saved, order sent by email. For extraordinary rooms and a unique atmosphere.

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  • Scan the tile

  • Select seal joint color

  • Save the project or send it by E-mail

PCI Multicolor palette. All colors at a glance.

Hundreds of grout colors - rooms can be skilfully staged with them. Individually and according to personal taste.

The PCI color palette shows all possible shades of PCI Durapox Premium Multicolor joint grout at a glance. Practical, clear, compact.

The PCI color palette and PCI Colorcatch Nano can be ordered via your specialist adviser. The PCI MULTICOLOR app is available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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